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Kristina Mizgiryrte

On the 2nd. of May, Wednesday, at 6.00 p.m. Gisbert and Rose Stachs’
exhibition “transit zone” will be opened at (AV17) gallery (Ausros vartu
g. 17).
Gisbert (1963) and Rose Stach (1964) live and work in Germany. After
graduating from sculpture and jewellery studies they didn’t confined
themselves within only these fields. Artists create interdisciplinary art
by using synthesis of jewellery, installation, video art, sculpture and
Gisbert and Rose Stach have already held over 30 exhibitions all over the
world together and separately, their works have been purchased by
Japanese, Polish, Czech museums. Video works by artists have been shown in
film festivals in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Estonia and also in
Vilnius at CinemaJove in 2009. Gisbert and Rose Stach are widely
recognized, they earned Amberif design award, won the big prize at silver
art competition, Bohmler art prize. In addition to their own work they
also lecture and lead the courses about art synthesis in Belgium,
Palestine and Israel.
This artist’s couple is interested in everyday’s objects and social
topicalities. They use the daily round and its situations as opportunity
to transform and make it easier to approach to human’s emotional life.
Therefore usually forgotten and unnoticeable details of everyday life can
be recognized from different, emotional side. Looking from conceptual side
– theses works are both, personal and global.
In works by both Stachs psychological manipulations are extremely clear –
everyday’s objects in non-traditional places, playing with real thing’s
purpose and social implications – consumerism, value’s system, vanity,
human relationships, emigration. By using essentially different artistic
expression means both, Rose and Gisbert, are trying to reveal
contradictory view to today’s reality, also trying to influence it with
their works. They are playing not only with audience ways to read
meanings, but also with things’ significance, value and fate, which
purpose is neither decorative nor trying move viewer’s sensibility.
In “transit zone” exhibition artists reveal transitional, liberation
requiring states of human – transit zones. It is everyone’s of us personal
changes’ states and forms – it is uncertainty about the future. At
exhibition the artists touch and with conceptual decisions open global
society problems to the audience: the usage of the third countries and
emigration, slavery for global brand names or feelings of uncertainty and
overload of global economic crisis which has been felt by many.
In this exhibition Stachs are interested in consumers who appears in
transit zones, untraditional places to create and changing meanings of
objects in different contexts.
For artists the purpose is not only to reflect problems of “faulty”
humanity in their works, but contrary – after displaying discreetly the
meaning of exposed objects, to serve for glamour society and to fulfill
its vain needs, supply new view to the world. It all is reflected in their
installations, photography, jewellery and video projections.

Kristina Mizgiryrte
(AV17)GALLERY, Vilnius, Lithuania

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